Chapter Five

The Primary Rulers And Judicial System of the House of Joseph Have Legalized Sodomy And Murder of the Unborn


The United States of America

At the time of this writing, laws are already passed in the States of Massachusetts and Hawaii, permitting homosexuals and lesbians to marry one another. Unless an amendment to the constitution is passed by Congress defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, and upheld by the Supreme Court, this in short time will be followed by virtually all of the other states as well. 

Recently the judicial system was tested by same-sex marriages taking place in San Francisco, California, and shortly thereafter in Portland, Oregon, in defiance of the law that prohibits such marriages.

Instead of upholding the law and ruling against these marriages taking place, the Judicial System remained quiet and would not uphold the laws on their books until after many hundreds of such marriages had taken place!

In that interim period of time, many people continued flying in from other states to be joined together.

This is a mockery of the laws of marriage that were ordained in the Book of Genesis by God that began with the very first marriage between Adam and Eve. Marriage is clearly shown to be between a man and a woman in New Testament teachings as well.

Though the president of the United States spoke out against it and the governor of the state of California ordered the attorney general to act against it their voices carried no real weight in the Judicial and Political areas!

They were not heard for there is no heart in those who could make the difference to do so for fear of being isolated and not accepted by society.

All who are in political, judiciary, and religious offices are afraid to speak out strongly, as to make their voices heard for fear of not being elected and/or accepted by society.

This country continues its downward slide toward the lowest depths of depravity as fully and completely as did Sodom and Gomorrah of old.

The time in which we live is well described by the prophet Isaiah:“... justice is turned back and righteousness stands afar off for TRUTH is fallen in the street ... so TRUTH FAILS and he who departs from evil [and stands up against it] makes himself A PREY” (Isaiah 59:14-15).

Political Correctness

To take the sting out of the Biblical terminology of ‘SODOMY’, the word has been changed to ‘gay’! Gay is a word that has been misappropriated from its real meaning of being happy to that of those involved in sodomy as defined by the Bible.

And to be accepted by society, one has to learn and use, in all areas of life ‘politically correct’ words that make such people acceptable. Not to accept and use the changed wordings -- “... makes himself a prey!”(Isaiah 59:15).

In some areas one can now be subject for libel and sued in the court system for harassment and subject to heavy penalties and possible jail time for using the Biblical terminology to describe such people.

For example, in Sweden one can be charged with a hate crime to speak against homosexuals. Canada also has basically the same laws. One protestant minister was arrested for this very thing some little time ago in Sweden. It undoubtedly won’t be much longer before there will be such a law in all nations of Israel; no minister will then be able to speak against sodomy as a sin, as defined by God.

Such people are not only in the leading roles in congress and high levels of society, but can also be found in leading roles in the churches having been voted in by the majority of the parishioners.

This very thing was recently done when a man, who is an acknowledged homosexual, was voted in by its elders to be their bishop in one of the largest churches in America.

The growth in numbers of the homosexuals and lesbians is phenomenal! In this country, they hold massive parades and openly display their defiance to the public. Due to their very large and growing numbers, they now have such powerful political clout that some of those seeking the office of the President, as well as other political offices, actively and openly seek their votes to be elected.

The public is being overwhelmed and swallowed up! As the result, a state of such great complacency exists that one hears no real outcries against any of these moral issues. Tragically, we hear no strong voices of opposition from religion, newspapers, or other sources of real influence. Those who do are in the minority and are disdained and publicly ignored.

Evangelist Billy Graham

Evangelist Billy GrahamIn June of 2005, the most renowned and respected evangelist in America, known over the whole world by multiple millions, in perhaps his final sermon before many thousands of people in New York, was asked by a reporter if he was going to speak about the social problems. He replied, “I do not give advice. I am not going to touch on those hot-button issues!” And he didn’t.

It is no wonder God permitted the destruction of property and lives on September 11, 2001! And unless there is repentance there will very probably be more like tragedies to come – similar to what God brought about toward the close of King Solomon’s reign. Again, they are intended as corrective measures, for God takes no pleasure in the death of anyone:

“Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourself a NEW HEART AND A NEW SPIRIT. For WHY should you die, O house of Israel? For I have NO PLEASURE in the death of one who dies,” says the Lord GOD. “Therefore TURN AND LIVE!” (Ezekiel 18:31-32) 

The United Kingdom

The same sins are found in the United Kingdom. If anything it would appear they are in the leading role of what will soon be fully found in the law-making bodies of the United States.

Consider the following sorrowful and tragic quotes from one of England’s leading newspapers regarding their slide into oblivion of the marriage state due to the very large and powerful numbers of the homosexual and lesbian population. 

Queen of EnglandThe speech by the Queen at the opening of Parliament in the year 2003 made some blush in shame that she would say the things she did. Perhaps it is only tacit agreement, but with her high office she encouraged the people to accept the way of the homosexual and lesbian way of life.

Consider the following quotes regarding the new thinking and agreement with it:

Daily Mail, November 26, 2003:

“The word ‘marriage’ is to be purged - in the cause for equality for homosexuals. References to it will be removed from Government records and documents. The institution of marriage will effectively be swept aside from almost every role of the state - including benefits, taxation and immigration law. It could even be wiped from future state records, statistics and censuses. The ban will be brought in with the ‘gay marriage’ laws to be announced in the Queens Speech today.

“Instead of asking for ‘marital status’ - official forms will refer to ‘civil status’ to include both married couples and gays. The Department of Trade and Industry, which has devised the laws, said marriage would be dropped at every opportunity from state documents.”

It is not without cause that God cries out A DESTRUCTIVE WARNING to Israel, and actually refers to Israel as Sodom because of such open and accepted heinous sins (Isaiah 1:9-10). It is heart-breaking to realize God’s chosen people are headed for a very similar type of destruction as befell ancient Sodom and Gomorrah (Isaiah 1:9-10.

In comparison only a few will be delivered from it, as was with Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:12-29). 

Satan Dancing with Glee

Satan the devil is dancing with glee upon seeing his success in leading Israel and the world against God by rejecting His commandments and His laws! He well knows God will deal with Israel just He did with the pre-Flood world of Noah for the same problems exist today as they did at that time! People either accepting or choosing involvement with the almost total degradation of evil of the present state of Israel, and the world!

An example of the gleefulness of Satan is that of Adolph Hitler who danced in the streets of Paris, France, after conquering it. It was reported that Hitler said at that time, “I have fallen from heaven!This was Satan speaking! He was possessing Hitler at the time and it was he who made this gleeful statement! Scripture reveals it was Satan who was thrown out of heaven, just as Jesus Christ said of that time when it took place: “... I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (Luke 10:18).

HitlerSatan the devil is leading Israel down the primrose path to total destruction; just as he did the two or three billions of people at the time of Noah’s Flood, when all were drowned with the lone exception of Noah and his immediate family, a total of eight people!

The people of God need to grasp why GOD HAS A CURSE ON ISRAEL TODAY AND WHY HE IS GOING TO DEAL WITH OUR SINS! And He is going to do it in the only manner that will bring His people back to Him! (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 28)

In order to illustrate the reality of this evil, it is necessary to go into some detail about the magnitude of the wickedness and evil that was so pervasive in the 10 tribes of Israel at the time God sent Elijah to them. In so doing one should be able to see the comparison and then to realize it is equally as bad in all the 12 tribes today! This will be touched on later.

The Continued Wickedness of the

Rulers of Israel

We will now take a real look at the widespread and terrible evil that was everyday life in the 10 tribes of Israel under King Ahab and Jezebel. It is not hard to see the parallel of these two people when we consider what we learned through the media from the previous presidential administration during the eight years of the then president and his wife (1991-2001).

To aid us with the parallels, think about the following quotations with references to I kings 16, and 17, and consider the presidents and lawmakers of our time who have allowed the wickedness and evil to pervade our society.

Leaders who also allow it to worsen through their passages of laws to not only legalize sodomy but teach it as a normal and acceptable way of life in society; it is to even be taught in the schools to the little children!

There are the many other forms of evil as well; and Christ makes known it will only get worse before He intervenes (Matthew 24:14).

In the following quotes you will read of the wickedness and cruelty in the name of religion as well as other heinous sins in ancient Israel.

     The Very Worst in Human Behavior and Cruelty

Halley’s Handbook, pages 197-197

“Omri (father of Ahab), king of Israel reigned 12 years. ‘Wicked above all who had been before him.’ ... Ahab, king of Israel reigned 22 years. Wickedest of all the kings of Israel. He married Jezebel, a Sidonian princess, an imperious, unscrupulous, vindictive, determined, devilish woman, and a demon incarnate. A devotee of Baal worship, she built a temple for Baal in Samaria, maintained 850 prophets of Baal and Ashtoreth, slew the prophets of JHVH, and abolished JHVH worship (I Kings 18:13,17). She gave her name to later prophetesses who sought to fasten voluptuous practices of idol worship on the Church (Revelation 2:20). ... God sent Elijah to eradicate Baalism, a vile and cruel religion. ... The Oriental Institute, excavating at Megiddo ... which is near Samaria, found, in the stratum of Ahab’s time, the ruins of a temple of Ashtoreth, goddess wife of Baal. Just a few steps from the temple was a cemetery [think about all the cemeteries located next to Churches in rural areas], where there were many jars found, CONTAINING REMAINS OF INFANTS WHO HAD BEEN SACRIFICED IN THE TEMPLE ... Prophets of Baal and Ashtoreth were OFFICIAL MURDERERS OF LITTLE CHILDREN. This is a sidelight on Elijah’s encounter of the prophets of Baal (18:40), and helps us understand why Jehu was so ruthless in his extermination of Baalism (I Kings 9.)” 

In addition, note the following quotations:

Unger’s Bible Handbook, pages 220-223

“... Asherah ... was the patroness of sex and war. Snake worship, both male and female prostitution, child murder and sacrifice, and every conceivable vice were associated with Canaanite religion. Priests and prophets of Baal were official murderers of little children and hence deserved death themselves (18:40). ... Baal, the Phoenician storm god, was held by Ahab, Jezebel and his other devotees to control the rain. Elijah (‘my God is the LORD’) abruptly announced to Ahab that JHVH would be proved to be the one who does so. . . . The terrible 3 and year drought was about to end. Who withheld and would send the rain? ‘Baal of the heavens’ or of the LORD? ... Elijah met Ahab and called for the contest on Carmel, I Kings 18:17-19. . . . The struggle proved JHVH’s power. . . . .”

Notice what God led other prophets to write about, then, and now:

"When Ephraim spoke there was trembling (Jewish Translation). He exalted himself in Israel; but when he became guilty through BAAL, he died. Now they sin more and more, and have made for themselves molded images, idols of their silver according to their skill; all of it is the work of craftsman. They say of those WHO OFFER HUMAN SACRIFICE WORSHIP WITH KISSES (margin)...' Hosea 13:1-2)

The Kingdom of Judah also Affected

Baalism was so rampant and widespread in Israel that even Judah was involved in it -- sacrificing their babies to horrible, burning deaths! God warned them sternly of the coming judgment He would bring on them for their rejection of Him by accepting a heathen religion that sacrificed the lives of their babies to its idols:

Thus says the LORD: “... go out to the Valley of Hinnom, ... and proclaim there the words I will tell you...” ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: 'Behold I will bring such a catastrophe on this place that whoever hears of it his ears will tingle. Because they have forsaken Me and made this an alien place, because they have burned incense in it to other gods ... and haveFILLED this place with THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENTS. They have also built the high places of BAAL, TO BURN THEIR SONS WITH FIRE FOR BURNT OFFERINGS TO BAAL... therefore the days are coming', says the LORD, 'that this place shall no more be called Tophet of the valley of the Son of Hinnom, BUT THE VALLEY OF SLAUGHTER'" (Jeremiah 19:3-6; 7:30-34).

In this coming time, God makes known through another prophet that He will punish both Israel and Judah for this depraved, idolatrous worship that required the shedding of the life-blood of the innocent babies:

"... I will punish her for the (feast) days of the BAALS ... I will TAKE FROM HER THE NAMES OF THE BAALS, AND THEY SHALL BE REMEMBERED BY THEIR NAME NO MORE" (Hosea 2:13, 17).

No more will Israel observe the Day of the Sun, Sunday, in place of God’s Holy Sabbath Day, nor Christmas, Easter or any of the other days of pagan origin (Hosea 2:10-11, 13, 17; Ezekiel 16:36-43, Amos 5:21; Jeremiah 10:1-5). 

Judah retained the recognition and observance of the true Sabbath and Holy Days, but ironically they were also involved in the pagan worship of the Baals and that of Astarte that goes back to Nimrod and Semiramis at the tower of Babel.

To illustrate, please read the indictment of God against Judah regarding the hot cross buns the women were making in honor of Astarte, a pagan goddess:

“Do you not see what they do in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? The children gather wood, the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, TO MAKE CAKES FOR THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN and they pour out drink offerings to other gods, that they may provoke Me to anger ... therefore thus says the Lord GOD: “Behold, My anger and My fury will be POURED OUT on this place – on man and on beast, on the trees of the field and on the fruit of the ground. And it will BURN and NOT be quenched” (Jeremiah 7:17-20; 44:15-29)              

The hot-cross buns, or cakes, are still made available at Easter time. 

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