Chapter Eleven


The Mastermind


of all Evil,


Satan the Devil



There is little to no thought given to HOW Satan and his demons are involved in keeping this world under his control and moving it forward toward destruction, just as he was able to do with the pre-Flood world and brought about the drowning deaths of perhaps two or three billions of people, more or less (Genesis 6:1-7, 11-13, 17; 7:21-23).

demonsTo those of understanding, he can easily be seen through the continued use of his insidious tactics for the same destructive purpose of mankind today; just as he was able to do in that ancient world (Ephesians 6:12).

To accomplish his deadly purpose there has always been the need of yielded influential human instruments through-out human history; and he has them in our day and time

vmpiresHollywood is definitely under his influence and guidance with horror and demonic movies. It seems that any and everything that comes to the imagination is used to shock and frighten people, along with explicit sexual and violent movies of all kinds (Ephesians 2:2; 6:12).

It is well realized that young and old are attracted to these kinds of movies and televisions shows; and they prove to be very profitable. Satan takes advantage of the greed and uses it.

Some little time ago there was an article making known that violence and blood no longer shocked people for they have become accustomed to their display. It was said that writers are searching for new ways to shock people. One they came up with is having people VOMIT on screen!

The Occult Explosion of Today

There is also the occult that is directly associated with Satan and his demons! Men and women are using various areas of the occult that makes possible a closer relationship with the super-natural spirit world! The great danger from such a direct contact is that it often make possible their possession and sometimes premature deaths.

The people of ancient Israel were deeply involved in the occult as are people today. This is just another reason for sending Elijah to Israel then, and in our time as well.

SpiritismTo further our understanding of this danger, let us consider the terrible demonic occult being delved into by multi-millions of people today.

Needless to say, this is a growing, fascinating, and enchanting subject to many men and women as we will see in the following demonic areas that are in wide-spread use today.

Without really grasping the unseen depths of what they are doing, the peoples of Israel and the nations of this world are heavily involved with the evil spirit world today in one way or another.

For the past 30 years or more there has been a much greater and widespread interest in the occult than in former years! It has been thought of as a breakthrough in true supernatural knowledge – of the present – and of the end time.

Among those involved are people who sincerely believe the occult is the only real hope in this age of technology and materialism, while others view the occult as the most evil sign of the age.

Astrology is by far the biggest area of popular attention. Books printed on occultism deal with the subject of astrology and are readily available to anyone. It has gained appeal through public endorsement by a wide range of celebrities, from Hollywood stars to members of the political and intellectual communities.

NazisAdolph Hitler, along with others of his hierarchy, fully believed in the occult! They actually made decisions in their warfare against the world based on what was learned from these spirit sources. The very symbols, such as the swastika and iron cross, were pagan symbols from the spirit world.

Scripture also indicates the head (named the Beast in Scripture, Revelation 19:19-20) of the newly revived Holy Roman Empire will be heavily involved in the occult as well (Daniel 8:23; 11:21).

General George Patton of the 3rd army in World War II believed in reincarnation. He believed he had lived in the past and used knowledge from ancient wars, upon which he based many of his decisions, and was very successful.

George PattonThe belief has grown even in certain religious circles that the occult makes known events of the end time and many seek to know what they and the world will soon be facing.

This is exactly what King Saul in ancient Israel did when he found he was cut off from God! In his desperation to know what the near future held for him and Israel in their war against the Philistines he sought out a medium for the help he needed at this critical juncture (I Samuel 28:6-19). In so doing he made a terrible error in judgment and sinned greatly by seeking help from this witch.

All readers of the Bible should know that dependence on astrology for answers to life’s problems violates one of the basic 10 Commandments – that against idolatry: “I am the LORD your God . . . You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:2, 3).

Violation of this law carried the death penalty in the theocracy of Israel (Deuteronomy 17:2-5). King Saul was led to his death for having consulted this medium instead of God (I Chronicles 10:13).

The whole structure of astrology revolves around the zodiac – an arbitrarily arranged belt in the heavens.

It has been used to describe the overall character of the particular age of history in which we find ourselves. The horoscopes of today actually represent the zodiac as it was 2,000 years ago. In one very real sense, then, every horoscope is out of date.

Then there is witchcraft and magic. Interest in it is a popular force of current attention. Witchcraft is a method of enlarging one’s mind to develop ESP awareness – getting on the same wavelength with Satan’s evil spirit world! And many people achieve this!

Examples of the Use of Witchcraft

Divining RodThere are those who will use a small forked branch of a peach tree or something similar for locating a place to dig for water.

When it is thought to be over a place where water can be found the carrier will feel a strong pull downward with the object he or she is using. There is no question but that this has to be of the supernatural, for there is no other logical explanation.

Since this is not of God, it has to be of the demon world.

The same is true with Ouija Boards. This is just another method of seeking spiritualistic or telepathic messages. It often works, but the information they receive is from a demon and totally unreliable. God does not work that way.

Ouija Board

There are those who have sat with a pencil in hand and paper in front of them, or sitting before a keyboard, and suddenly some supernatural power will take over and begin writing or typing.

Demons will even talk to those who are receptive to them. I have counseled with such people over the years. Once this level has been reached there seems to be no way for one to free oneself from them outside of a miracle from God. There are those who commit suicide to be free of them.

In all of these examples, as well as others that could be used, the purpose is to lead a person on to become receptive for further involvement and then the possession of their minds by these evil spirits.

Mental institutions house many such people! They are given tranquilizers to neutralize and control their minds so the demon or demons can no longer effectively use them. These people become very docile under such treatment.

Instructions from God

God commanded the children of Israel: “Regard not them that have familiar spirits (demons), neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God (Leviticus 19:31, 20:6; an example: Acts 16:16-18).

The people of Israel failed to follow the laws God designed to bring them peace, prosperity and happiness. Instead: “. . . They left all the commandments of the LORD their God . . . and worshiped all the host of heaven” (II Kings 17:16).

God put forth a challenge to such people who dabble and live by what they learn from those who are manipulated and used by the evil spirit world: “. . . let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save you from these things that shall come upon you. Behold . . . they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame. . . .” (Isaiah 47:13-14).

As far as is known, all areas of astrology and witchcraft are practiced in all the tribes of Israel today as it was at that time. There are the multiple millions of people who read their daily horoscopes in the newspapers, seek out fortune-tellers (sorcerers) to aid them in their decisions regarding the future and what it holds for them. This reaches all the way to the top levels of government.

The Snake Attracts Its Victims

It is an interesting fact of life that people as a whole are fascinated by snakes and will view all kinds in zoos or wherever they may be seen. From behind a plate glass they appear docile and harmless, even the very deadly ones.

This is not the case when they are free and can sometimes be seen as they crawl in search for prey to satisfy their hunger. It will also strike and inject its deadly poison into a human being that gets too close to it.

Snakes have also been viewed attracting their victims in various ways before they strike. And once they do there is very little struggle. The serpent then opens its very wide, double-jawed mouth to swallow its prey.

We would do well to keep this in mind, for that old serpent the devil has the same approach in attracting mankind to him in many different ways before he strikes (Genesis 3:1-6, 13; II Corinthians 11:3; I Timothy 2:14; Revelation 12:9, 14-15; 20:2).

Many people consult mediums for various reasons. (Mediums are defined in the Bible as sorcerers.) Satan works through these willing human beings with his fascinating use of witchcraft to entice his victims within his striking range.

Once the prey is struck by a deadly serpent it does not die instantly and neither does one die immediately by consulting a sorcerer. However, this does provide an avenue for Satan to further work with a person toward possession or lead them to make some terrible errors in judgment that could lead to dreadful consequences or possibly even death.

The media has written in the past about some president’s wives in this country consulting mediums to enable them to speak to the dead (as did King Saul – I Samuel 28:7-8). These women apparently felt the need for added help with major decisions in their roles and private lives.

A very prominent woman of some years ago was a sorceress and was said to have predicted the death of President Kennedy, and the shooting of President Reagan, as well as foretelling other major things to occur.

The demon world does sometimes know what is to occur with future events. However, making the desired knowledge known is done with the intent to lure and then take over the mind and then destroy the individual (Mark 9:14-27).

At the same time one should realize that what they reveal may only be partially true while mixed with error. Jesus Christ tells us that Satan is a liar and the author of it (John 8:44). And that means his demons as well. They cannot be believed!

Unless these people can break free from them, their minds and lives can be so completely absorbed they sometimes end up in mental institutions, or they kill others, or themselves.

From time to time we read where a parent kills his or her children and then himself or herself. It is often said by the person that Jesus told them to do it! In actuality, this is Satan or one of his demons masquerading as Jesus Christ, for Christ would never lead someone to do such a terrible thing.

Some few years ago one man jumped off the tallest building he could find in San Diego, California trying to break free from the torment he was receiving from demons. Just recently I was told of another man in a church I had pastored who became so involved with demons that he blew off his head with a double-barrel shotgun to get away from them.

There are numerous people I have counseled over the years who had real demoniacal problems! It is always sad to see how their mental state has been weakened by them.

This is a tragic problem, for it is only the few who escape once they permit themselves to enter into their striking zone.

The Worship of Baalism and Astarte Today

Though Satan has many weapons in his deadly arsenal, the primary one he uses to deceive people is religion! This side of the Flood, he began using the worship of Baalism and Astarte!

aSTARTEAs has already been noted, the people of Israel were so heavily involved during the time of Elijah that God sent him to try and turn them around.

This worship has continued to be practiced in the nations of Israel since that time and, if anything, has grown worse today. I sincerely question whether even the true members of God’s Church can grasp the enormity of this idolatry!

As with Israel of old, people today look at the beautiful church structures, the steeples, the religious symbols (that are in actuality sex symbols, as revealed by historians), the costly and regal robes of priests, the large professional choirs and soloists singing to the accompaniment of beautiful music played by skilled musicians, and all of this as background to the soft and pleading words of the ministers asking people to come to their altars. All of this seems so religious and right! How could it be wrong?

NOTE: Music and song dedicated to the true God is not wrong of itself. In fact it should be an integral part of a true church service. This can be understood by studying the Scriptures.

It is easy to get caught up in the growth of false religions as have thousands of people who were once of us, while thinking: “How could this be so wrong?” And many of these former members, including elders and evangelists, have left the true Church and become a part of them!

bAALThey have discarded the truth they once knew and now practice the very same teachings of the pagan priests of Baal, accepting what they had once apparently believed to be wrong, just as was done in ancient Israel.

Those who have returned to such beliefs place no significance on what King Jeroboam of Israel did in changing the true Sabbath to SUNDAY (worship of the sun), wanting to believe this was only ancient history! As such, they have returned to the erroneous teaching of believing the Sabbath day was changed to Sunday in the New Testament.

They try to justify their beliefs by saying the Sabbath and the Holy Days were part of the Old Covenant, and as such, no one is required by God to observe them. This is totally untrue and absurd to believe such a satanic lie!

JeroboamIt is also of no importance to them that Jeroboam also selected men of his own choosing to be priests instead of the Levites (I Kings 12:26-33). Israel easily accepted King Jeroboam’s lead like a meek little lamb!

These same beliefs and teachings by ministers and priests are found in our time. These men and women are trying to represent God, but instead are following Jeroboam’s successors. Their membership is also meekly following them.

God was rejected in favor of the pagan beliefs that go all the way back to Nimrod and Semiramis. It was never fully rooted out then, nor has it been in our time.

With this in mind, we should realize that what is being observed today among the tribes of Israel is essentially a continuation of what began at the Tower of Babel and was being fully practiced during the time of Elijah.

With the state of Israel at that time in mind, it can be seen why God sent Elijah to try and turn Israel around from the idolatrous worship of Baal and Astarte. And he did this by making known to King Ahab that a severe famine was to come down hard on Israel!

For these same reasons it should be understood why God sent a man in this end-time in the Spirit and Power of Elijah to make known, among other terrible problems that a severe famine is also to come upon Israel. And it can now be seen to be very close at hand by those who recognize the signs of it.

The world in general is asleep to those warning signs.

To be continued

The quotes and pictures in this chapter and all of the other chapters are intended for educational purposes only.


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