The Three Elijahs


There were three Elijah’s, The Original Elijah, John the Baptiser, and the Elijah to come in the end-time.

Why did God choose to send three men with the same name at three different times during the history of His people, Israel? This publication makes known the vitally important reasons.



The Three Elijahs




By Alton B. (Don) Billinglsey

Church of God Faithful Flock

Copyright 2007 - All rights reserved

Table of Contents


Chapter Two The Three Elijahs

Chapter Three The
Original Prophet –

Chapter Four The Primary Rulers and Judicial System of the House of Joseph  Have Legalized Sodomy and Murder of the Unborn

Chapter Five The Background and the Escalation of Lawlessness

Chapter Six Against this Background of Sin God Sent to Israel Elijah the End-Time Elijah

Chapter Seven The Sacrificial Murder of the Newly-Born and the Unborn

Chapter Eight Legal License to Murder the Defenseless

Chapter Nine  The Beginning Advances of Technology and the Work

Chapter Ten  The Mastermind of all Evil, Satan the Devil

Chapter Eleven The First Stages of Famine

Chapter Twelve Together with the Famine the Deadly Pestilences

Chapter Thirteen  The Famine in Ancient Israel Ends

Chapter Fourteen  
Different Times but Identical Problems

Chapter Fifteen  The Continued Worship of Pagan Religions Teachings

Chapter Sixteen  The Church Era of Thyatira and Jezebel

Chapter Seventeen The Church Era of Laodicea

Chapter Eighteen The Begining of the Catholic Church

Chapter Nineteen The Master Plan of Satan the Devil