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New Release
The Origin and History of Makeup
The ruling against the use of makeup by God’s apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, in 1955 was based on the laws and true doctrinal teachings within the true Church of God that was founded in 31 A.D. by Jesus Christ.

The question in the minds of many women, and some men: “But was the ruling really based on God’s laws and teachings? How can we know?”

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Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong
Creation and the Gospel

Mr. Alton "Don" Billingsley
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Mr. Alton "Don" Billingsley
World War III

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Mystery of the Ages
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“And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be PREACHED in all the world AS A WITNESS to all the nations, and THEN the end will come” (Matthew 24:14).

New Release
The Three Elijahs
Because of their unwillingness to recognize the truth of the end-time Elijah being Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, they have not only rejected him, but in so doing they have also rejected some to all of the true doctrinal teachings that Jesus used him to RESTORE within His Church and have replaced them with the Pagan teachings of the Catholic and Protestant Churches.
Unless the Corporate Churches of God that are off-track come to understand the life and death importance of this true teaching and repent (Malachi 4:6), they are soon going to suffer the reality of the horrors of the Great Tribulation.

The Mind’s Future
We have seen in previous chapters of this booklet quotes from leading men in the scientific fields how great this greatest of all God’s creations is – the Human Brain from which the spirit of man activates and makes possible the Mind in man.

   Those who have already read the previous chapters of this book, have seen from the writings of leading authorities, the awe and perplexity they have witnessed in their scientific studies of the INCREDIBLE HUMAN BRAIN!

   Notice carefully the following statement made by the late Sir. Charles Sherrington, the great authority of the brain,  . . .  (who) Suggests that its evolution is still continuing:

   “Nor is the brain’s present state, we may suppose, more than an interim phase, on the way to something else, something better, we may hope,” (The Memory-Remarkable Storage Battery by Bruce Bliven – Reader’s Digest, Readers Digest Collection/1964, OUR HUMAN BODY).

The Theory of Evolution is not Factual!

For many years science has tried to palm off on mankind evolution as a fact, not a theory! And largely they have succeeded. It is taught in the school system and education without any teaching from the Bible.