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32 Lessons

Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course
32 Lessons

These lessons have been formatted for study on the Internet. They are connected to an online bible and the verses are hotlinked so that you can read along in the word as you study online.

Lesson 1: Why Study the Bible in the Space Age?

Lesson 2: WORLD PEACE--Really?

Lesson 3: The Sensational Return of Jesus Christ!

Lesson 4: The Coming Utopia...Wonderful World Ahead

Lesson 5: Just What is Man?

Lesson 6: What is "Hell"?

Lesson 7: Will You Go To Heaven When You Die?

Lesson 8: What it Means to be Born Again

Lesson 9: What is Real Repentance?

Lesson 10: Should You Be Baptized?

Lesson 11: Why You Need The Holy Spirit

Lesson 12: Christianity Is A Way Of Life

Lesson 13: Who and What is God?

Lesson 14: Angels

Lesson 15: Why is Man Different from Any other living Creature?

Lesson 16: ’Why is Ancient Israel Gods "Chosen People"

Lesson 17: The Simple Truth About the Old and New Covenants

Lesson 18: What is the True Gospel?

Lesson 19: What and Why the Church?

Lesson 20: In Training For Rulership

Lesson 21: Is This The Only Day Of Salvation?

Lesson 22: What Is God's Purpose for Mankind?

Lesson 23: Why Christians Should Keep God's Holy Days

Lesson 24: The Plain Truth About God's Holy Sabbath

Lesson 25: Passover

Lesson 26: Feast of Unleavened Bread

Lesson 27: Pentecost

Lesson 28: Feast of Trumpets

Lesson 29: Day of Atonement

Lesson 30: Feast of Tabernacles

Lesson 31: Last Great Day

Lesson 32: A New Beginning


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