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Author's Statement
volume. How I came to understand began at age 34, in
the year of 1926. But it only began there. The final
crystal-clear reason that impelled me to write this book
did not fully reveal itself to my mind until December of
1984. It was a mind-boggling realization-a pivotal
truth-that will be made clear in this book.
The beginning of opening my mind
the truth
covered in this book began in the summer of 1926.
I asked myself: "Who am I? WHAT am I? WHY am
I?" I tried to reason out the answer, but I couldn't.
was a mystery. Then, that very autumn I was confronted
with a mind-disturbing challenge on a biblical question
and the theory of evolution. This resulted in opening my
mind to amazing vistas and depths of knowledge and
It all started with the question of the theory of
evolution and the religious question of Sunday
I knew that the Bible was the world's number one
selling book. Yet to me it had been an enigma. I could
never understand it.
I said, "The Bible says, 'Thou shalt observe
Sunday.' " I was asked how did I know? Had I read that
in the Bible?
I answered that I knew because all the churches
observe Sunday and I supposed the source of their
teaching was the Bible.
But my marriage was at stake on the question. I was
forced into an in-depth study and research into the
Bible and also into the theory of evolution, which was at
that time rapidly gaining acceptance in the field of
higher education.
My in-depth study into the works of Darwin,
Huxley, Haeckel, et ailed me to question the authority
of the Bible and even the existence of God.