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such separate entity to come to discern the true and right
way from the false, to make voluntarily a full and
unconditional surrender to God and his perfect way-to
yield to be
by God-to determine even against
temptation or self-desire, to
and to
the right. And
even then such holy character is the gift ofGod.
comes by
yielding to God to instill HIS LAW (God's right way of life)
within the entity who so decides and wills.
Actually, this perfect character comes only from God,
as instilled within the entity of his creation, upon
voluntary acquiescence, even after severe trial and test.
have devoted a few paragraphs to this point
because it is the supreme pinnacle means in God's
overall PURPOSE!
Now as to the prehistoric angels: God 1) created
them with minds capable of thinking, reasoning, making
choices and decisions with self-will; and 2) revealed
plainly to them HIS TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS WAY. But God of
necessity allowed them free moral agency in accepting
God's right way, or turning to contrary ways of their own
What was God's ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE for the angels?
Beyond question it is that which, now, because of
angelic rebellion, has become the transcendent potential
of humans!
As the testing ground, and opportunity for positive
and active creative accomplishment, God created–
brought into existence-the entire vast material
First of all, God had created angels. After that, and
for angels and for humans who were to be created later,
God formed and brought into existence the earth and
the entire universe.
God now created not only matter, but with and in it
energy and such laws as man has discovered in the fields