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interfere with real earnestness and faith. I did have
absolute faith he would be healed of the blood
He was.
I returned the next day. The blood poisoning had
left him immediately when I prayed. But, to my very
great sorrow and disappointment, they were once again
filled with levity, and sarcasm about God's law. Again
they were jestingly talking about having a "good time"
at "Pentecostal" meetings.
There was no more I could do.
was one of the
great disappointments of my life. I never saw or heard
from any of them again.
God's Invisible Agents
God has had angels specifically assigned to supervise
and protect his Church throughout all of its history
(Rev. 1:4, 16, 20; 2:1, 8, 12, 18; 3:1, 7, 14). He has angels
who continually walk through the earth to observe and
report back to him the overall conditions on earth (Rev.
5:6; Zech. 4:10; II Chron. 16:9).
And God has angels specifically assigned to look
after his begotten human children (Acts 12:15; Matt.
18:10). God promises: "For he shall give his angels
charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" (Ps.
Twelve of God's angels will be the gatekeepers in
the new city of Jerusalem (Rev. 21:12), one for each tribe
of Israel. These 12 may be assisting the archangel
Michael now.
Angels are messenge.r.s. They appeared to Abraham,
Lot, Hagar, Moses, Manoah, Gideon, Elijah and many of
the prophets and apostles.
When these angels manifest themselves to human
beings, they generally do so in the form of men.