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Mystery of Angels and Evil Spirits
"Well," I thought, "I'll drive to the end of this block
and turn left, and then back onto Foster Road."
But, a long block south on this street, it turned
There was no street turning east. In getting
back onto Foster Road I was now compelled to drive
past the home of the cripple.
"Could it possibly be that an angel
steering wheel to turn me in here?' ' I wondered,
somewhat shaken by the experience. I decided I had
better stop in at the cripple's home a moment, to be
I found him stricken with blood poisoning. The red
line was nearing his heart.
I told them what had happened.
"I know, now," I said, "that God sent an angel to
turn me in here. I believe that God wants me to pray for
you-that he will heal you of this blood poisoning
show you his power, and then give you one more chance
to repent and be willing to obey him. And if you will do
that, then he will straighten out your twisted spine and
heal you completely.
"So now, if you want me to do so, I will pray for you
and ask God to heal you of this blood poisoning. But I
ask God to heal your spine unless and until you
repent and show willingness to obey whatever you
yourself see God commands."
They were now desperate. He probably had about
12 hours to live. They were not joking and jesting lightly
about the "good times" at "Pentecostal meetin'." They
wanted me to pray.
I was not an ordained minister, so I did not anoint
with oil. I had never yet in my life prayed aloud before
others. I explained this to them, and said I would simply
lay hands on the man and pray silently, as I did not want
any self-consciousness of praying aloud for the first time