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written conditions for healing, I could not pray for
Was This an Angel?
This case had weighed heavily on my mind. I had been
touched with deep compassion for this poor fellow. Yet
his mind was not impaired, and I knew that God does
not compromise with
Some weeks later I had borrowed my brother's car
again, and happened to be driving out Foster Road.
Actually at the time my mind was filled with another
mission, and this deformed cripple was not on my mind
at all. I was deep in thought about another matter.
Coming to the intersection of the street on which
the cripple lived, however, I was reminded of him.
Instantly the thought came as to whether I ought to pay
them one more call-but at the same instant reason
ruled it out. They had made light of, and actually
ridiculed the idea of surrendering to
Immediately I put them out of mind, and again was deep
in thought about the present mission I was on.
Then a strange thing happened.
At the next intersection, the steering wheel of the car
automatically turned to the right. I felt the wheel turning.
I resisted it.
kept turning right. Instantly I applied all
my strength to counteract it, and keep steering straight
ahead. My strength was of no avail. Some unseen force
was turning that steering wheel
all my strength.
The car had turned to the right into the street one block
east of the home of the cripple.
I was frightened. Never before had I experienced
anything like this. I stopped the car by the curb. I didn't
know what to make of it.
It was too late to back into traffic-heavy Foster