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A previous time, late in 1927, within the first year of
my conversion, I encountered a similar experience.
Experience of the Crooked Spine
After my wife and I had made some little progress in
gaining biblical understanding on the subject of healing,
Aimee Semple McPherson came to Portland.
She held an evangelistic campaign in the Portland
Auditorium. My wife and I attended once, and then I
went alone another time. We were "checking up" on
many religious teachings and groups. Unable to gain
entrance, because of packed attendance, I was told by an
usher that I might be able to slip in at the rear stage
door if I would hurry around. Walking, or running,
around the block to the rear, I came upon a sorry
A woman and child were trying to get a terribly
crippled elderly man out of a car near the stage
entrance. I went over to help them. The man had a
badly twisted spine-whether from arthritis, or
deformity from birth, or other disease I do not now
remember. He was utterly helpless and a pitiful sight
to look upon.
We managed to get him to the stage door. Actually,
I should never have been admitted, had I not been
helping to carry this cripple in. He had come to be
healed by the famous lady evangelist.
We were unable to gain contact with Mrs.
McPherson before the service. And we were equally
unable, after the service. I helped get the disappointed
cripple back into their car.
you really want to be healed," I said before they
drove off, "I would be glad to come to your home and
pray for you. Mrs. McPherson has no power within
herself to heal anybody. I have none. Only Goo can heal.