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Mystery of Angels and Evil Spirits
Armstrong was sleeping with the child beside her on the
inside of the bed against a bedroom wall. She heard a
voice calling out, "Move Beverly." She thought it was a
dream and without waking continued in sleep. She then
heard the same voice again, a little louder. She half
awakened, saw nothing, again thought it was a dream,
turned over and was once again going to sleep, when the
voice a third time was heard, this time loud and
emphatic: "MOVE BEVERLY." Bewildered, she moved
the child to the other side of her, and a second or two
later, a heavy framed picture that hung on the wall
immediately over where the child had been lying
crashed down on the bed.
might have crushed the
child's head or severely injured her. The only
explanation was that God sent an angel to save Beverly's
In the early days of my ministry, about 1934, I
was driving a car one very stormy night in a downpour
of rain on a highway south of Eugene, Oregon. I was
driving about 40 miles an hour on a very winding road.
As I approached a sharp curve in the road, the
steering wheel of my car suddenly turned sharply to
the left, as if wrenched out of my hand by some
invisible force. Directly ahead of me was a wrecked
truck. I just missed it, passing on its left. It was dark,
and a wrecked car was standing just ahead of me. The
steering wheel of the car was suddenly wrenched out
of my hands, and the car turned sharply toward the
right. My car passed between the northbound car and
the southbound truck back onto the right lane, with
not more than a single inch to spare between the
wrecked car and truck. I had never experienced
anything like it. The steering wheel of my car was
turned by some force out of my control and against
my hand holding it straight forward.