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comrades'-and, 'Thou didst found the earth at the
beginning... .'
"To what angel did he ever say, 'Sit at my right
hand, till I make your enemies a foot-stool for your
feet'? Are not all angels merely spirits in the divine
service, commissioned for the benefit of those who are to
inherit salvation?" (verses 3-10, 13-14, Moffatt transla–
Humans are created a little lower than angels,
though we have the awesome potential of becoming far
greater. This fact is expressed in the second chapter of
Hebrews and will be treated in chapter 7 of this work.
And in chapter 3 we will show humans may be
actually begotten as sons of God, as yet unborn.
It will come as news to most readers that angels
were created before the earth and the physical universe
were brought into existence. Job 38:1-7 shows the angels
shouted for joy when God first created the earth. It is
stated in both Genesis 1 and 2 that the earth was created
at the same time as the entire physical universe.
Angels are invisible, immortal spirit beings with
power and knowledge superior to humans (II Pet. 2:11).
They have seen all the activities of mankind on the
earth and therefore know more about the human mind,
psychology, sociology, science and all the arts than any
living man.
Angels serve a great function in carrying out God's
purpose for humanity. They are his invisible agents
often ministering in ways few understand to us poor
humans who are heirs of salvation.
Personal Experiences
My wife and I have both experienced this in personal
When our elder daughter was a baby, Mrs.