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Mystery of Angels and Evil Spirits
do? They created. One might say that by profession they
were in the creating business. To aid them in the work of
creating, governing and managing what was to be
created, they first of all created other spirit beings on a
lower plane than the God family. Angels were created to
be ministers, agents, helpers in God's creation. They
were created as servants of the living God.
From eternity God was supreme, which to our
human minds means God sat on the throne of all that
existed or was to exist. In the 25th chapter of Exodus, we
find an earthly description of the very throne of God in
heaven, in the description of the ark built by Moses
under God's instruction. On either side of God's throne
was a super archangel, a cherub, whose wings stretched
out covering the very throne of God. This signifies that
these superior angels were involved in the very
administration of the government of God over all of
God's creation. They were aides, ministers, servants,
assisting God.
We read about angels in the first chapter of
Hebrews. This chapter first speaks of Jesus. "He,
... stamped with God's own character, sustains the
universe with his word of power ... and thus he is
superior to the angels, as he has inherited a Name
superior to theirs. For to what angel did God ever say,
'Thou art my son, to-day have I become thy father'? Or
again, 'I will be a father to him, and he shall be a son to
me'? And further, when introducing the First-born into
the world, he says, 'Let all God's angels worship him.'
While he says of angels, 'Who turns his angels into winds
[spirits], his servants into flames of fire,' he says of the
Son, 'God is thy throne for ever and ever, thy royal
sceptre is the sceptre of equity: thou hast loved justice
and hated lawlessness, therefore God, thy God, has
consecrated thee with the oil of rejoicing beyond thy