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God and the Word who almost 2,000 years ago became
Jesus Christ. God is invisible-the supreme all powerful
Spirit Being. We saw that God lives. He acts! What does
he do? He is the creating family. Perhaps few realize, the
very first thing God created was not the earth, suns,
other planets-the universe. Before all these he created
the angelic beings-a spirit world of myriads of angelic
The Great God through the Word first designed
and created these SPIRIT BEINGS-angels, each individ–
ually created-millions or perhaps even billions of
them! Angels are actual personal spirit beings, each
having a mind of greater capacity and ability than
human minds, capable of attitudes, purposes and
intentions. It is stated that even Jesus as a human was
made "a little lower than the angels" (Heb. 2:7). They
are composed wholly of spirit. They were given
self-containing life-life inherent-immortality. They
have no blood circulating in veins and do not need the
breath of air to sustain life, but have self-containing
inherent life.
Angels are, because created by God, called sons of
God (Job 1:6), but they were not begotten and born sons
of God.
Why the Creation of Angels?
Why were invisible spirit-composed angels created
before all else? Why were they created even prior to the
creation of physical matter and the physical universe?
Why were they created at all?
Jesus Christ said, "I work and my Father works"
(John 5:17). In John 1:1-5 it is revealed that God and the
Word (the God family) live. In the preceding chapter we
noted how they lived-in mutual love, total agreement
and perfect harmony. But if they lived, what did they