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Mystery of Angels
and Evil Spirits
be more mysterious
than the question of the unseen spirit
world? Angelic beings have always
been a mystery to people on the earth. Do angels actually
exist? Is there, in fact, a Satan the devil? Is Satan a literal,
immortal being? Did God create a devil?
Some religions worship gods they believe to be evil
spirits. Some of the great cathedrals of the Christian
religion are embellished on their exterior with gargoyles,
ugly and grotesque carved faces, which are supposed to
frighten evil spirits away.
All the evils and troubles in the world are caused by
minds clashing with minds. But what is the real cause of
clashing of minds? Is there any connection between
contentious attitudes and the unseen spirit world? It is a
mystery to almost everybody, but the Bible reveals a
very real but invisible world-another dimension, as
some choose to call it-existing along with our own,