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sacred calendar, occurring in the spring). But the Rome
church insisted that it be observed on a Sunday.
About the same time another controversy was
raging, between a Dr. Arius, of Alexandria, a Christian
leader who died A.D. 336, and other bishops, over calling
God a Trinity. Dr. Arius stoutly opposed the Trinity
doctrine, but introduced errors of his own.
In A.D. 325, the Emperor Constantine called the
Nicene Council to settle these controversies. Constan–
tine was not then yet a "Christian," but as political ruler
he assumed control. The Council approved both the
Easter-Sunday doctrine and the Trinity. Constantine,
then civil ruler, made it a LAW. But he was not able to
make it TRUTH!
Satan has deceived the entire world in regard to the
very nature of WHO and WHAT God is-as well as of
Christ and the Holy Spirit. Also of the GOVERNMENT OF
GoD, based on the spiritual LAW OF GoD. And further, of
WHAT and WHY man is, what salvation is, how it is
received, what is the true gospel, what and why the
church is and what of the future!
Is God
The word
is not used anywhere in the Bible. I am
going to make completely clear, as we proceed, God has
not limited himself to a "Trinity." The surprising truth,
once understood, is the most wonderful revelation the
human mind could receive or contain!
The very first idea or teaching about God being a
Trinity began in the latter half of the second century-a
hundred years after most of the New Testament had
been written. The counterfeit Christianity spawned by
Simon the Sorcerer was promoting it vigorously along
with the pagan Easter. But the true Church of God
vigorously resisted it. The controversy became so violent