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Who and What Is God?
then, limited to only two Persons? The false Trinity
teaching does limit God to three Persons. But God is not
limited. As God repeatedly reveals, his purpose is to
reproduce himself into what well may become billions of
God persons.
is the false Trinity teaching that limits
God, denies God's purpose and has palpably deceived,
the whole Christian world. Both God and the Word
themselves are
and project their Spirit. Let me
illustrate. By your eyesight you can see something across
the room, or see to the sun or even to stars that are many
times the size of our sun, only much farther distant. But
through your eyesight you cannot act on those objects.
In like manner, God can project his spirit to any place
regardless of distance, but through his Spirit God is able
to act on such objects or to change it as he wills. Thus,
God is omnipresent.
How long must they have thought, and planned,
and designed, before even beginning to create anything
But matter-this earth, the stars, nebulae, galax–
ies-was not the first thing they created.
They created
angels before the creation of matter.
God speaks of the creation of the earth in the 38th
chapter of Job. He says that, at the creation of the earth,
all the angels shouted for joy (verse 7). Therefore all the
angels already were in existence when the earth was first
In Genesis 1:1 it speaks of God creating the earth
and the heavens. In the Authorized Version the word
heaven-singular-is used. But the original Hebrew as
Moses wrote, and as other translations render it, is in
the plural-heavens-implying that the whole material
universe was created simultaneously with the earth.
This is plainly stated in Genesis 2:4: "These are the
generations [beginnings] of the heavens [plural] and of