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Who and What Is God?
Smith is the family name. Yet they are two separate
The only point of difference in that analogy is that
the Word, at the time of John 1:1, was not, yet, the Son
of God. But he was
God, and he also was God.
They were not yet Father and
Son-but they were
the Goo KINGDOM!
That family is composed, now, of God the Father,
and Jesus Christ his Son, and many begotten humans
who already, NOW, are begotten SONS OF Goo (Rom.
8:14, 16; I John 3:2), forming the Church of God.
That FAMILY aspect-the Goo FAMILY-is vitally
important, and this will be thoroughly explained later.
But now, where are we?
Long before anything else existed, there did exist
two Supreme Beings, immortal, who ALWAYS had
existed. Your mind can't quite conceive that "always,"
but neither can it quite conceive of
what is
Yet you know electricity exists and is real!
How Christ Was Creator
So back to our question, "WHo and WHAT is God?"
else came into existence there was God
and the Word, composed of spirit, not of matter, but
nevertheless very real. Two Persons-not three. And,
verse 3 of John 1, all things (the universe) were made by
the Word.
Now understand this, by adding Ephesians 3:9:
" ... God, who created all things by Jesus Christ."
Let me explain. In the first week in January, 1914, I
was sent by a national magazine to Detroit, Michigan, to
interview Henry Ford to obtain material for an article on
his sensational new $5-a-daywage policy. I saw Henry Ford
in the administration building, wearing a business suit
with white collar and necktie. Then I looked across the