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why they want
avoid the subject. In other words, the
average person has an unrealized passive hostility
against God. Without realizing it actively, they want
God to "keep his nose out of their business"-except at
a time when they are in deep trouble and they cry out
for God's help.
Spiritual things-invisible things-are a mystery to
them. They do not understand those things, real though
they are, because they cannot see them. They remain a
deep mystery so they deny their existence.
There was a cause for this willing ignorance. And
the Bible clearly tells us that cause, which is dual:
1) what occurred prehistorically, and 2) what God
himself instituted following the original sin of Adam. All
this (to be explained in the next two chapters), and the
of all the escalating evils of today's world, are
clearly revealed by God Almighty in his Word the Holy
Bible. This will be made plain as we progress.
But first, what does the Bible reveal about
is God?
in this inspired book that God
reveals himself. But mankind in general has never
believed God-that is,
what God says!
God spoke face to
face, personally, to Adam and Eve, the first created
humans. Then he allowed Satan to approach them.
Satan got to Adam through his wife. Our original
parents believed Satan when he said, "Ye shall
surely die," after God had said, "Thou shalt surely die"
upon stealing the forbidden fruit.
When Jesus Christ spoke on earth 4,000 years later,
only 120 people believed what he said (Acts 1:15),
though he preached his message from God to multiple
No wonder, then, not one of these religions, sects
and denominations, except the small and persecuted
Church founded by Jesus Christ
31), starting with