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Who and What Is God?
but I did tell two large and important audiences of
leaders what God is very soon going to do-and I
announced this forthcoming book, which I am writing
India is the second largest nation. What have they
known about WHO and WHAT God is? NoTHING!
Russia is third largest in population. They did have
Russian Orthodox Christianity, and now atheism.
I am not condemning or judging these people-and
I presume they are as well-meaning as any people. God
is not judging them Now-as I shall explain later.
Neither is he condemning them. He loves them and will
call them all to eternal salvation in his own time. But
they DO NOT know WHO or WHAT God is.
In ancient Egypt they worshiped the gods Isis and
Osiris. The Greeks and Romans anciently had
mythological gods such as Jupiter, Hermes, Dionysus,
Apollo, Diana and many others. But they did not know,
and their peoples do not know today, WHO and WHAT
God is. But
Why Willingly Ignorant?
Already, in the quotation from the first chapter of
Romans, I have given you a reason-they were
ignorant of the things of the true Goo. But
ignorant? In Romans 8:7 it is stated plainly
that the natural mind of humans is hostile against God.
This does not necessarily mean that all unconverted
human minds are actively, intentionally, maliciously
hostile. Most humans are passively hostile against God.
They simply do not normally think about God.
God is
mentioned they become embarrassed and often try to
change the subject. They probably do not realize, in
their own minds, that they have a hostile attitude
toward God. Yet that is the very reason, psychologically,