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Who and What Is God?
things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and
earth ... he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;
and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to
dwell on ... the earth ... for in him we live, and move,
and have our being ..." (Acts 17:18-19, 22-26, 28).
And now what of the scholarly of our Western
One would think, the most highly educated
ought to know
God is! Suppose you ask at
random 100 university deans, "Do you believe in God?"
Perhaps three or four would answer, "Oh, I believe in
the existence of God-as a 'first cause.' " But they
cannot tell you
God is! They cannot tell
you what God is like! God is not real to them. In other
words, he is a mystery. Perhaps another six or eight of
the hundred will admit they are agnostics-they do not
know "for sure" whether God exists.
I have said that education has become a matter of
memory instillation. From elementary grades to higher
graduate levels of study, our educational systems inject
ready-made concepts, ideologies and a mixture of facts
and fables into the unsuspecting minds of children,
youths and young adults. Students in our school systems
are graded according to how well they accept, memorize
and can recite or write in tests what has been
taught-whether true or false.
Modern education has given universal acceptance
to the fable of evolution. Evolution is the agnostic's or
atheist's attempt to explain the existence of a creation
without the preexistence of the Creator.
removes God
from the picture. It blinds itself to the mystery by
attempting to remove God altogether.
Material Creation Seems Real
The creation is material, visible, and therefore seems
real. The system of modern education has become