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been right and I had been wrong in the most serious
argument that ever came between us.
But to my utter disappointed astonishment, I found
that many of the popular church teachings and practices
based on the Bible. They had originated, as
research in history had revealed, in paganism. Nu–
merous Bible prophecies foretold it. The amazing,
unbelievable TRUTH is that the SOURCE of these popular
beliefs and practices of professing Christianity was,
quite largely, paganism and human reasoning and
NOT the Bible!
I had first doubted, then searched for evidence, and
found PROOF that God exists-that the Holy Bible is,
literally, his divinely inspired revelation and instruction
to mankind. I had learned that one's God is what a
person OBEYS. The word
means MASTER-one you
OBEY! Most people, I had discovered, are obeying
gods, rebelling against the one true CREATOR who is the
supreme RULER of the universe.
The argument was over a point of OBEDIENCE to
The opening of my eyes to the TRUTH brought me to
the crossroads of my life. To accept it meant to throw in
my lot with a class of humble and unpretentious people I
had come to look upon as inferior. It meant being cut off
from the high and the mighty and the wealthy of this
world, to which I had aspired.
meant the final
crushing of VANITY.
meant a total
change of life!
Life and Death Struggle
It meant real REPENTANCE, for now I saw that I had been
breaking God's law. I had been rebelling against God in
many more ways than just breaking the Sabbath