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"No, Larry, don't you know that Columbus
discovered America?"
"No, Ma'am, the Indians were already here to greet
Columbus when he finally arrived."
The lad was given a zero for his answer and severely
instructed to always remember that the book says
Columbus discovered America!
A pupil, or a student in high school or university, is
graded on memorizing and believing what he is taught
by the textbook, the teacher, instructor or professor.
In the first dummy copy of the magazine
The Plain
that I put together in 1927-seven years before
the magazine was actually published-! had an artist
draw a picture of a schoolroom, with children sitting at
the desks, each with a funnel stuck into his or her head.
The teacher was pouring out of a pitcher ready-made
propaganda into each child's head.
A student enrolled at a Methodist seminary
receives Methodist doctrine and teaching into his head.
A Catholic student studying in a Catholic seminary is
taught Roman Catholic teachings. A student in a
Presbyterian seminary is given Presbyterian doctrines.
A student in Germany studying history is instructed in
one version of World Wars I and II, but a history
student in the United States is taught a somewhat
different version.
But I had been called specially by the living Gon. I
was trying to prove the very opposite of what I found
clearly and unmistakably to be what the Bible SAYS! I
was taught by Christ what I did not want to believe but
what he showed me was TRUE!
Jesus Christ is the
Word of God. He, in
person, taught the original 12 apostles and the apostle
Paul. The Bible is the SAME Word of God IN PRINT today.
Thus it was the same Jesus Christ who taught both the