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How the Seven Mysteries Were Revealed
Of all the writings on evolution, Dr. P.E. More
alone had culled out many discrepancies in the theory.
Yet he, too, went along with the doctrine overall.
But now I had, first of all,
prove or disprove the
existence of God. It was no casual or superficial study. I
continued in this research as if my life depended upon
it-as, in actual fact, it did, as well as my marriage. I also
studied books on the other side of the question.
Suffice it to say here that I did find irrefutable
of the existence of God the Creator-and I found
proof positive of the fallacy of the evolutionary theory.
The overwhelming array of college brainwashed minds
to the contrary notwithstanding. I had the satisfaction
of winning the admission of one Ph.D. thoroughly
steeped in evolutionary thought-who had spent many
years in graduate work at the University of Chicago and
at Columbia-that I had definitely chopped down the
trunk of the evolutionary tree. Like Dr. More, though,
she had been so thoroughly brainwashed in evolution
she had to continue in what she had acknowledged was
of its falsity.
Also I had the enjoyment of being able to cause my
sister-in-law to "eat those words" branding me as
"ignorant." All of which was mere vanity on my part,
which I had not yet eradicated.
I had proved the reality of
But my wife's challenge was still tormenting my mind.
Already, in the evolutionary research, I had studied
I knew each of the world's religions had its own
sacred writings. Once God's reality was proved, I had
expected to continue in the pursuit of comparative
religions to see if any such sacred writings proved
authoritative. Through which of these-if any-did Goo
speak to mankind?