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How the Seven Mysteries Were Revealed
pictures.) Then the angel and the whole spectacle
seemed to vanish, and she awakened, shaken and
In the morning, she told me of her dream. I was
embarrassed. I didn't want to think about it, yet I was
afraid to totally dismiss it. I thought of a logical way to
evade it myself, and still solve it.
"Why don't you tell it to the minister of the church
up on the corner," I suggested, "and ask
whether it
means anything."
With that, I managed to put it out of my mind.
Let me say here that in about 99,999 times out of
100,000, when people think Gon is speaking to them in a
dream or vision in this day and age, it is pure imag–
ination, or some form of self-hypnotism or self–
deception. But if this was a vision from God, like Jonah,
I tried to run away. But subsequent to this, in God's due
time, God dealt with me in no uncertain terms, even as
he had dealt with Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah,
Andrew, Peter and the apostle Paul.
Business Disintegrates
Then came the devastating flash depression of 1920. It was
not long-lived, but disastrous for the year. My big
advertising accounts were in the farm tractor and
implement and other manufacturing fields, rather than the
metropolitan banks. All my big-commission clients,
including such corporations as Goodyear Tire
J.l. Case, Moline Plow, John Deere and Company, Em–
merson-Brantingham and Dalton Adding Machine, went
into receivers' hands. One nationally known corporation
president of my acquaintance committed suicide. Through
no fault of my own, my business was swept out from under
my feet by forces beyond my control.
Out of Portland, Oregon, where I had moved with