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stars appeared, then quivering, separating and vanish–
ing like the first.
As she and I, in her dream, looked upward at the
vanishing stars, three large white birds suddenly
appeared in the sky between us and the vanishing stars.
These great white birds flew directly toward us. As they
descended nearer, she perceived that they were angels.
"Then," my wife wrote a day or two after the
dream, in a letter to my mother that I have just run
across among old family pictures, "it dawned on me that
Christ was coming, and I was so happy I was just crying
for joy. Then suddenly I thought of Herbert and was
rather worried."
She knew I had evidenced very little religious
interest, although we had attended a corner church two
or three times.
Then it seemed in her dream that "Christ de–
scended from among them and stood directly in front of
us. At first I was a little doubtful and afraid of how he
would receive us, because I remembered we had ne–
glected our Bible study and had our minds too much on
things apart from his interests. But as we went up to
him, he put his arms around both of us, and we were so
happy! I thought people all over the world had seen him
come. As far as we could see, people were just swarming
into the streets at this broad intersection. Some were
glad and some were afraid.
"Then it seemed he had changed into an angel. I
was terribly disappointed at first, until he told me
Christ was really coming in a very short time."
At that time, we had been going quite regularly to
motion picture theaters. She asked the angel if this were
wrong. He replied Christ had important work for us to
do, preparing for his coming-there would be no time
for "movies." (Those were the days of the "silent"