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How the Seven Mysteries Were Revealed
them to discover the
(hidden from them and also
contrary to the teachings of childhood and adulthood
that engulfed them) would seem to be expecting the
Why do most people believe the things they
believe? Few, indeed, ever stop to ask themselves in
retrospect how they came to accept the beliefs that have
found lodgment in their minds.
The Source of TRUTH
You probably have seen pictures of the statue
A man sitting alone, leaning forward, elbows
on his knees, his hand supporting his head. There,
supposedly, he sits in deep thought, hour after hour, day
after day-just thinking!
Supposedly that statue depicts the manner in
which some of the religions of the world came into
The Thinker
had nothing to think
foundation for his thinking. No facts on which to base
his conjectures.
The human mind is not equipped to manufacture
truth with no basis for that truth!
However, few, it seems, really
Most people accept carelessly what they are taught
from childhood. And, coming into maturity, they accept
that which they have repeatedly heard, read or been
taught. They continue to go along, usually without
question, with their peers. Most people do not realize it,
but they have carelessly
what they believe
without question or proof. Yet they will defend
vigorously and emotionally their convictions.
become human nature for people to flow with the
stream-to go along with the crowd-to believe and
perform like their peers around them.