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God Beings, to be kings and priests under Christ when
he will set his hand to save the world.
In a sense, then, the Church shall become co-saviors
with Christ. Two things basically were required of
save the world. First it was necessary for him,
who was the Maker of us all, to die for all, thus paying
the death penalty in our stead. No one could do this but
Jesus Christ alone.
But many have not realized that we are not saved
by the blood of Christ. You will read in Romans 5:10
that we are reconciled to God the Father by the death of
Christ, but we shall be saved by his life-by the
resurrection. I am writing this particular passage on
what the world calls "Easter Sunday." Today, the
churches and the evangelists have said much about the
resurrection of Christ, but virtually nothing about the
resurrection of all who shall be saved, and of the
resurrection by which people may be saved.
Jesus alone could make the sacrifice in payment of
our past sins. But the world must look for salvation
through his life after his resurrection. The Church is the
affianced Bride of Christ to be married to the Son of
God on his return, after the resurrection of those in the
Church. After we have attained to the resurrection of
the dead, as the wife of the Son of God, and members of
the God family, we shall be not only heirs and coheirs
with Christ, but in a sense, co-saviors.
The family of God will grow. As kings and priests,
the Church in the resurrection will be co-rulers under
Christ in restoring the government of God over all
nations. But we shall also be, as priests, co-saviors with
him in saving the world.
Why Firstfruits Necessary
Now why was it absolutely necessary that the Church be