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the Martian surface. Other unmanned spacecraft fly
close to Jupiter and send back astonishing pictures of
Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. Surgeons transplant
human hearts and other organs.
It's a magic, entrancing push-button world where
work is done largely by machines. It's the glamour
dreamworld of the three "Ls"-leisure, luxury and
But paradoxically, it's also a world of IGNORANCE!
Even the educated
know not
how to solve their problems
and the world's evils. They
know not
the way of PEACE or
the TRUE VALUES of life!
About one half of the world's population is still
illiterate, in the grip of abject poverty, living in filth and
squalor. The grim reapers of starvation and disease take
human lives by the millions.
It's an unhappy, restless world in frustration,
staring a hopeless future in the face. It's a world ridden
with escalating crime and violence, immorality, injustice
(even in its courts of law), dishonesty, corruption in
government and business, and continual wars, pointing
now to the
nuclear World War III.
WHY this paradox of "PROGRESS" amid DEGENERA–
God's Truth Would Have Solved!
True religion-God's truth empowered with the love of
God imparted by the Holy Spirit-would have pointed
the way, and led to happiness, abundance and eternal
When you see what's wrong with the world's religions,
you'll have pinpointed the
of all world evils!
religion? It is defined as the worship of,
and service to, God or the supernatural.
is man's
relation to his Creator. Some religions have perverted