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and purpose to human life? Did we evolve through
unintelligent material forces without meaning or
purpose? Why are humans beset with seemingly
unsolvable problems?
Fourth in line of the not-understood mysteries is
the civilization that has developed in man's world. How
did it develop? Why do we find a world of awesome
advancement and progress, yet paradoxically with
appalling and mounting evils? Why cannot the minds
that develop spacecraft, computers and marvels of
science, technology and industry solve the problems
that demonstrate human helplessness?
Next, in the development of human society on
earth, is the mystery of the Jew and the ancient nation
of Israel. Are the Jews the ancient nation of Israel? Why
did God raise up one special nation? Why are they God's
"chosen people"? Are they God's favorites? Does God
discriminate against other nations? Is God a respecter of
persons? What is Israel's purpose in the divine order of
Come now to the mystery of the Church. Why
should there be the institution of the Church in the
world? Is there some purpose for it, not understood even
by the religion of traditional Christianity? Is the Church
one Christ-originated Church or does it consist of many
differing sects and denominations? Is the Church well
organized on a definite pattern originated by Christ? Is
there government and authority in the Church? Is it a
large universal Church of many millions of members or a
small and persecuted Church? How could one recognize
the true Church today?
Finally, why the mystery of the kingdom of God?
Jesus' gospel message was "the kingdom of God." Is the
kingdom of God something within each person? Is it
something that may be set up in men's hearts? Is it the