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And if the all-powerful God was your Maker, and
exists as the divine Creator of all that is, then the
mystery about God emerges, in order of time sequence,
as the first and paramount mystery of all.
Who and what is God? That is a mystery not
understood by any religion, not explained by science,
untaught by higher education. The intellectually vain
originators of the evolutionary theory found the
of God, as presented by religion, a mystery
they could neither understand nor accept. But the
religionists whom they rejected did not themselves
understand the mystery of God. Yet God does reveal
himself through his Word the Holy Bible, if these
religionists would only believe God's own revelation.
God reveals himself in his Word the Holy Bible, yet
almost none has understood it. The Bible, as author
Bruce Barton said, is "the book that nobody knows."
The Bible itself is the basic mystery that reveals all
other mysteries.
If the truth about God is mystery number one
revealed in the Bible, assuredly thE> truth about angels
and evil spirits is second in order. Is the existence of
spirit beings fact or a myth? Is there, after all, a devil?
Did God create a devil?
there are holy angels, what is
their purpose and function? The Bible clearly states
that this world is actually ruled by unseen principalities
of evil spirits. Do evil spirits affect and influence
humans and even governments today? Do evil spirits
affect even your own life? This question seems
enveloped in total mystery.
Certainly third in order is the mystery of your own
life-of humanity as a whole. What and why is
humanity? Is man an immortal soul? Do the dead know
what the living are doing? Is man a flesh and blood
being with an immortal soul within? Is there meaning