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Mystery of Israel
limited, after Adam's rebellion, to the acquisition of
physical and material knowledge.
But, like educated men and scientists today, they
were saying, "Give us sufficient knowledge, and we will
solve all problems and eradicate all evils-we will create
Up to that time, mankind had been denied spiritual
knowledge and fulfillment from God. God now decided
to give them knowledge of his law-his kind of
way of life!
He was going to prove to
the world that without his Holy Spirit their minds were
incapable of receiving and utilizing such knowledge of
the TRUE WAYS OF LIFE. He was going to demonstrate to
them that the mind of MAN, with its one spirit, and
without the addition of God's Holy Spirit, could not
have spiritual discernment-could not solve human
problems, could not cure the evils that were besetting
humanity. The nation Israel would be his guinea pig to
demonstrate that fact. God had chosen a nation of
almost perfect original strain in its generations-its
ancestry. Also they had the quality heredity of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel).
So God entered into a covenant with them, making
also represented a MARRIAGE
covenant, with Israel the wife, promising obedience to
her husband-Goo. It was the physical type of the
yet-to-come spiritual NEw CovENANT.
And what did it prove?
Israel's Heredity and Environment
Here was a people of almost clear racial strain, and the
God believing heredity of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.
Two requisites make a human whatever he becomes in
life: heredity and environment. Heredity involves what
has been inherited by birth in such areas as health,