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human race until after the invention of printing in the 15th
century. As education became more widespread-as
intellectualism developed-as knowledge of astronomy
expanded knowledge of the universe about us-thinking
minds began to ask questions. What of the whole vast
universe? How did it all originate? Rational, scientifically
oriented minds found themselves unable to explain the
developing knowledge of an expanded universe with the
teaching of religion as they knew it through the Roman
Catholic Church and Protestantism, which had dominated
the thinking of the Western world. The teaching of a
long-haired, semi-effeminate picture of Jesus and the
concept of a God composed of invisible spirit was not
intellectually satisfying to them. It was all a colossal
mystery. In the vanity of their self-professed scholarly
minds they tried
evade the mystery entirely on the basis
of materialism. They appeased their curiosity by
attempting to work out a solution to the mystery of origins,
existence, and life by reasoning out a self-satisfying,
materialistic explanation.
Gradually the theory of evolution evolved in
thinking, yet ignorant, minds filled with intellectual
vanity. This thinking evolved into the theory of "use
and disuse" by de Lamarck. On the heels of de
Lamarck's theory came Charles Darwin with his theory
of the "survival of the fittest." Actually Darwin died
unsure of his own theory. However, two colleagues,
Haeckel and Huxley, fought vigorously to promote the
Darwinian theory into public acceptance.
But were created human minds of intellectual
vanity, who created a theory, more all-knowing than the
supreme mind that created them? The ewlutionary
theory has been invented by human minds in an effort
to explain the presence of a creation without the
preexistence of a divine Creator.