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This gospel now has been preached into every
nation. During its 50 years of proclamation, nuclear
energy has developed with capacity for the first time in
history to destroy every human alive on earth. Next,
Jesus foretold the great tribulation-a time of trouble so
great that, unless God does intervene, no human being
would be saved alive. But, for the sake of his Church,
God will intervene supernaturally before total destruc–
tion of humanity. Mankind will be brought to
acknowledge human insufficiency without God. Imme–
diately after, Christ will come in the clouds in supreme
power and glory to unseat Satan, and start God's own
new civilization toward utopia (Matt. 24:14, 31-41).
These are the very last days of Satan's evil world.
God's utopian civilization will be started with the
present generation.