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Mystery of Civilization
writing that lesson. But even at this late hour he has not
yet learned it. He has not yet given up on his own
self-centered way and come to accept God's way to his
ultimate happiness. God is letting the law of cause and
effect take full toll. Man's society, deceived and misled
by Satan, has not even yet brought man to admit failure
of his course of self-sufficiency.
Today man's world is reeling on its last legs. Wars,
violence, destruction, terrorism engulf the entire world.
Half the world exists in ignorance, illiteracy, poverty,
living in filth and squalor. The developed half is sick
with ill health, disease, mental stress, fear, frustration,
wracked with crime, alcoholism, drug abuse, perverted
and misused sex, broken homes, hopelessness in
Mankind is nearing the end of his rope. But even
now, God will not intervene to save this defiant
humanity from itself until man is finally brought to the
point where, if God delayed longer in intervention, man
would annihilate himself. God will not intervene and
usher in the next world under the kingdom of God until
the remnant of mankind has been brought to fully
realize human inability to solve problems or bring
worldwide peace in happiness and joy. Man must be
brought to realize his helplessness and futility without
At last the weapons of mass destruction have been
invented and produced that can erase all life from this
planet earth. In these last days of mankind's last
gasping of breath, Jesus foretold how it would all end.
After Jesus' gospel had been suppressed, replaced with a
false gospel of men about a different Jesus, he said,
"This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the
world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the
end [of this world] come."