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material and economic prosperity that has come to the
United States and the British.
Summation of Human Civilization
Humanity was created on earth for a glorious and
wonderful purpose. God was reproducing himself.
Stated another way, God's purpose was to create
humanity to become supremely happy and joyful in
peace and perfect comfort, to become productive,
creative, joyfully successful with eternal life.
This meant the supreme perfect spiritual character
of God-perfect utopia. This purpose shall be
But to accomplish it, humanity must make its own
decision. The former cherub Lucifer had chosen a course
of action and being that led in the diametrically
opposite direction. The first man had to choose either to
accept and live the way of God's purpose, or Satan's way
of self-reliance in the opposite direction. The first man
Adam chose to take to himself the knowledge of good
and evil. He started his human family relying on self for
good on the human level, mixed with evil, and relying on
human self not only for knowledge of the way, but for
the solution of all problems that might arise. He rejected
spiritual knowledge from God and reliance on God for
power to live the way of utopia.
Man built his world on self-sufficiency without
God set in motion a master plan for accomplish–
ment of his purpose, consisting of a duration of seven
thousand years. Satan was allowed to remain on earth's
throne for the first six thousand years. God purposed
that man must learn his lesson, and come voluntarily to
accept God's way and character.
For nearly six thousand years mankind has been