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Mystery of Civilization
Nimrod built a number of cities-Babylon, Erech,
Accad, Calneh, Nineveh, etc. There developed city–
states, each with its own local government. As time
passed, nations arose with national governments.
Among these were Babylon (which became known as
Chaldea), Egypt, Assyria. The religion started by
Semiramis was carried into the different nations in the
language of each. Semiramis and Nimrod were also
identified with the names Isis and Osiris in Egypt. Each
nation had its own names for its gods. But the whole
labyrinth of pagan religions developed from that which·
originated with Semiramis.
As the generations of humanity continued, this
world's civilization developed.
started with a
government system started by Nimrod, through a
religious system that stemmed from Nimrod and
Semiramis. The modern system of academic educations
was started by Plato, taught by Socrates. Systems of
commerce, industry, finance and banking developed–
but none of these Satan-influenced and humanly
devised systems originated with God. All laws were
made by humans-either decrees by kings and despots,
or human lawmaking groups, such as city councils, state
legislatures, national congresses, parliaments, diets, or
whatever. Social customs developed and all facets of
civilization up to the chaotic present.
In such a world God called out a special nation of
his own, not a favorite nation for special favors, but a
nation chosen for a special purpose that that nation
After the Flood profane history implies that Shem
continued more or less in the knowledge and way of
God. But no man really walked with God until
Abraham. To Abraham, God made all the promises on
which ultimate human salvation depends, as well as the