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Semiramis was actually the founder of much of the
world's pagan religions, worshiping false gods. Even
such so-called Christian observances as Christmas, New
Year's and Easter emerged from the false religious
system she developed. For details of this the reader is
referred to
The Two Babylons,
by Alexander Hislop.
Today, the English language is fast becoming the
chief international language. Men are entering mixed
marriages, and starting to get back to one worldwide
Present Evil World Develops
The only survivors of the great Flood on earth composed
the one family, that of Noah.
consisted of Noah, his
wife, their three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth and their
wives. The whole human population came from that one
The Bible speaks of three worlds-the world that
then was being overflowed with water, this present evil
world, and the world to come.
As the flood waters evaporated the whole earth
consisted of the one family of Noah. But Shem, who was
white and married to a white woman, started his own
family. Ham, married to a black woman, had black
children and began his own family. Japheth, married to
a yellow woman, started his own family, which were of
yellow extraction. The early history recorded in the
Bible speaks of "families," rather than "races."
At the incident of the tower of Babel, God divided
the speech of the people so that they were able to
communicate each one only in his new and different
And so as time passed, the families grew, each
family speaking its own language. God had intended
geographical segregation, not integration of races.