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Mystery of Civilization
Nimrod kept growing in power but the inborn desire of
the people to worship must be satisfied. Nimrod and his
followers had turned against the
God. They wanted to
glorify God
in their own way!
the glory of
God into an
made like ...
(Romans 1:23)-the snake, and other things God
had created. (They should have worshiped God in spirit and
in truth and not through idols-John 4:24 and Ex. 20:4-5.)
With the civil power he wielded, Nimrod set himself up as
the priest of the things worshiped by the people, to obtain a
still stronger hold on them and gradually put himself in
place of the true God....
[But] Noah, the preacher of righteousness (II Pet. 2:5)
did stand fast and gained a staunch supporter in his son
Shem. While Nimrod was expanding his kingdom so rapidly
there was opposition to Shem, the representative of
Noah .
Nimrod became the representative for the forces
of evil in opposing Shem....
Shem, a very eloquent person, is said to have obtained
the aid of a group of Egyptians who overcame Nimrod.
The death of Nimrod seemingly halted the counterfeit
pagan worship which he started.
Nimrod had been a man of unbounded ambition, the
ambition of ... Semiramis-the future "Queen of Heaven"
(Jer. 7:18)-exceeded even his. Nimrod ... had become the
greatest and most powerful figure in the world. He was
dead. She clearly saw that if she were to ... have the great
position and power ... of the most powerful man on earth,
something must be done to assure ... her power.
Nimrod's kingdom, which consisted of most of the
populated world of that time, had fallen to her.
Much of
Nimrod's power had come from his setting himself up as
the human representative of the Sun-God.
She must retain
this world rule by any and all means. The
religious control
which had given so much power to [Nimrod] must be used
by her also if she were to retain the maximum hold on her
subjects.... In life [Nimrod] had been honored as a hero; in
death she will have him worshiped as a god....