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Mystery of Civilization
to life in a time when Christ is ruling the earth in
righteousness, peace and happiness. Satan will be gone.
Their minds then will be opened to God's
eternal salvation will be opened
But God intended to preserve human life-to give
humanity a new and fresh start.
God found only one man, of all the millions, who
was walking with God. Two can't walk together except
they be agreed. Noah alone agreed with God and God's
way of life. God used Noah as a preacher of
righteousness (II Pet. 2:5). For 100 years Noah warned
the unheeding world, from age 500 until he was 600
years old.
Noah, was "perfect" in his generations. That is, his
heredity, ancestry (Gen. 6:9).
Proof of this lies in the meaning of the Hebrew word
translated "perfect."
may refer either to spiritual
character (Gen. 17:1) or to
physical characteristics
22:21). Therefore Genesis 6:9 allows the translation that
Noah was either "blameless" or "unblemished." The
context (Gen. 6:2) clearly indicates the latter is the
intended meaning of "perfect." So a good rendering of
Genesis 6:9 is that Noah was the only "just" man (in
spiritual character), and also "unblemished' (in his
genetic heritage) among his contemporaries.
End of the Antediluvian World
The subject matter of the chapter is the generations
ancestry of Noah. Exceeding wickedness had developed
through those generations, by Noah's generation
reaching a climactic crisis that
that world.
What was this universal evil and corruption? Jesus
described that universal, corrupt evil as "eating and
drinking, marrying and giving in marriage" (Matt.
24:38). Eating food and drinking is not evil. Marrying is