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All humanity came out of Adam and Eve. The
present world was FOUNDED in them. The WORLD has
ever since been HELD CAPTIVE! The world had thus
chosen THE wAv of the kidnapper, rather than of the
potential Parent!
But God the Father was to pay the ransom price
and even yet bring his potential spiritual children back
to him. God did not choose to redeem, correct and
restore humanity to him at that time.
At the Foundation of the World
Upon Adam's sin, God closed off the tree of life to the
world as a whole until the second Adam, Jesus Christ,
shall have deposed Satan and taken over the throne of
the earth.
There cannot be a law without a penalty. The
penalty of human sin is DEATH.
The penalty of death had passed on Adam and all
his children. That penalty had to be paid. There was no
escaping it. Satan must have gloated, believing he had
totally defeated God's purpose of restoring God's
government and unseating Satan on earth's throne.
Truly all Adam's children would come under the penalty
of death, for all would sin.
But what even Satan probably did not realize,
God's plan was yet to save humanity, and remove Satan
from earth's throne.
At this very foundation of the world, it was
determined that Jesus Christ, as the "Lamb of God,"
should be slain in payment of the penalty for all
human sin (Rev. 13:8), which substitute sacrifice is
effective only upon repentance and faith. It was also
determined by God at that time that all Adam's
children should die, but after dying be resurrected to
judgment (Heb. 9:27). But as in Adam all must die, so