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the track, restoring the glorious knowledge of the faith
once delivered to the saints in the days of the original
Jesus Christ, through the Church, built three
colleges-two in the United States and one in England.
The three campuses, in material beauty, have mutually
excelled each other, as a high character physical setting
for the development of God's righteous character in
students. The beauty of godly character in these
students has excelled the physical beauty of the
campuses. A royal Queen on a recent six-day visit to the
headquarters campus in Pasadena, California, on
touring the campus, exclaimed, "I have just been in
Three times this campus has won the award of
being the most beautiful, best landscaped, and best
maintained campus in the United States. These
campuses are an example of what mankind should have
done, and a modest foretaste of the beauty that will
blossom forth over the whole earth after Christ and his
saints in his kingdom are ruling the earth in the
wonderful world tomorrow.
Deteriorated, former millionaire mansions have
been restored. An area behind them that had
deteriorated into Pasadena slum area has been cleaned
out, and been built into the most beautiful area in
What If Adam Had Taken the Tree of Life?
How did this material and human character degradation
Had Adam taken of the proffered tree of life the
whole course of civilization would have been entirely
different. Peace, happiness, joy, health and abundance
would have spread over the earth.