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Mystery of Civilization
so doing. His civilization should have been a "heaven on
What Man Has Done
But what has man done on the earth where God placed
him? Man has made ugly, polluted, defiled, profaned
everything his hands have touched. He has polluted the
air, befouled the water in the rivers, lakes and seas. He
has deteriorated the land, denuded the forests, thus
altering rainfall and causing the expansion of deserts.
He has worn out the soil by neglecting to give it its
sabbaths of rest every seven years. Man has built cities
and allowed them to deteriorate into slums, filth and
All because the very first human rejected and
turned from God, relying solely on himself-and all
Adam's children have done likewise.
Thus man has built a man-made and Satan–
influenced civilization. Man not only has ruined the
earth he should have developed and improved, he has
destroyed his own health by wrong living, and degraded
and perverted his own spiritual character. Now, at last,
as we near the end of the 6,000 years God has allowed
him this free rein, man has created the Frankenstein of
weapons of mass destruction that can destroy all
mankind utterly-unless a merciful God intervenes to
save us from ourselves.
A Modest Foretaste
We now live in the era biblical prophecy calls the last
days-the last generation before the coming of Christ to
rule and accomplish on earth what mankind should have
done. In these last days, according to biblical prophecy,
knowledge, spiritual as well as material, was to be
increased. The true Church of God was to be set back on