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The substance and body of the earth had been created
before the angels were placed here. But God intended
for the angels to develop the surface of the earth, to
beautify and improve it. For this purpose he gave them
his government to regulate their conduct and perfor–
mance together in so doing.
But Lucifer, on the throne to administer the
government in cooperation and harmony for their
world, rebelled. He turned cooperation and harmo–
nious activity into competition, evil, rebellion and
destruction. Light on earth was turned to darkness.
Wasteness, decay and ruin came to the surface of the
Then in six days (Ps. 104:30) God sent forth his
Spirit and renewed the face of the earth for man.
But still "the icing on the cake" had not been
added. God placed man here to do that which sinning
angels had not done.
Man was to finish the beautification of the earth.
God is not the author of confusion, ugliness or decay,
but of beauty, perfection, character, the best in
Look at the description of God's heaven-the seat
of God's throne-where, we might say, God lives as
described in the fourth chapter of Revelation. God sits
on a throne surrounded by brilliant splendor, quality
and beauty and character. More dazzlingly and
gloriously beautiful than anything human eyes have
ever seen.
God intended man to work this earth, improve it,
beautify it, give it glorious character-and in so doing to
build into his own life the "beauty of holiness" (I Chron.
16:29). God never intended humans to live in poverty,
filth and squalor or ugliness. Man should have
beautified the earth, and developed man's character in