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Mystery of Civilization
We were born into this 20th-century world as it is.
We take it for granted. But we can't explain it. It's like
viewing a movie at a point already near the end. We see
what is occurring at that point, but, not having seen it
from the beginning and not knowing how events
developed to the point of viewing, we simply cannot
understand what we are seeing. A fiction writer wrote
about a time machine that could transport one back to
some time in history.
we had such a time machine, we
should now transport ourselves backward 6,000 years
where we could actually see what was transpiring in that
original Garden of Eden, at the foundation of the world.
That's where this civilization started. Then we may
better understand why there is now talk of the
imminent end of the world.
How did our civilization develop to our 20-century
state? What a mystery that is to thinking people! Of
course most are not thinking people and never ask
themselves that question. But if one does, he finds the
question enveloped in mystery. So let us understand.
It has already been explained in this volume how
God created man for the supreme purpose of
reproducing himself. But this supreme purpose necessi–
tated the creation in us with our own assent, diligence,
effort and joy, the supreme spiritual character of God.
But in so doing, why did God place man on the earth?
Why this particular planet?
The Unfinished Earth
God placed man here to restore the government of God
to the earth. Lucifer and his angels had been placed here
originally. God had put them here on an unfinished
earth. Remember, God creates in dual stages. Like a
woman baking a cake, she bakes first the body of the
cake, but it is not finished until she puts on the icing.