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The Mystery of Man
few called, beginning with "righteous
Abel" up to now and on to Christ's return to earth, have
had to do what Adam refused to do-REJECT THE WAY OF
SATAN, who rebelled against the GOVERNMENT OF GoD!
Who, then, is a
Christian? Only those who have
been, and are being, led by the Holy Spirit of God (Rom.
8:9, 11, 14). And none can receive the Holy Spirit until
that person 1) REPENTS-of his sins, his transgressions of
God's law; and 2) has complete faith in Jesus
Christ-relying on Christ-which includes BELIEVING
Jesus Christ.
mean, believing what he says-his WoRD,
the Holy Bible!
Thus, the called-out-ones after real repentance and
belief Christ reconciles to God the Father and we receive
the Holy Spirit impregnating us as children of God.
At this point let us clear up another question. Why
could not Cain, Abel and Seth, the firstborn children of
Adam, have repented and purely on that repentance have
received the Spirit and life of God? God's law could not be
a law except there be a penalty for its infraction. Adam
had sinned. All his children had sinned and incurred on
them the death penalty. They and no person after them
could be freed from the penalty of that law until Christ,
their very Maker, had paid that death penalty in their
stead. Therefore, no salvation was possible until the
crucifixion of Christ. Only Jesus' atonement could
reconcile any human to God the Father.
Now, what of these and all the others-the
THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS? Up to now, unless called and
by God, they simply have not yet been judged!
do not mean they shall not have to give account for their
sins. They shall, indeed! But their judgment is COMING.
Judgment has begun in the true Church of God
4:17). Jesus said, "No man can come to me, except the
Father ... draw him ..." (John 6:44). No MAN