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very purpose of being part of the foundation of the
Church. Jesus called disciples OUT OF THIS WORLD to be
taught to teach others and in the coming millennium of
the restored kingdom of God, to rule and teach under
King of kings Jesus, when the tree of life will be opened
to all flesh.
The Church was called to be trained to become
rulers and teachers in the kingdom of God WHEN the tree
of life shall be opened. Meanwhile the Holy Spirit has
been closed to all but the prophets and the called–
out-ones of the true Church. The prophet Joel foretold
it shall come to pass afterward-after the 6,000 years of
this world of Satan, that God will pour out of his Spirit
upon all flesh (Joel 2:28).
Meanwhile it was necessary for God's purpose that
the Holy Spirit be given to the prophets and those
specially called out for training to become rulers and
teachers under Christ, when the government of God is
restored to the earth over all nations.
In calling out the Church, Jesus said plainly, "No
man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent
me draw him ..."(John 6:44). The Church is merely the
"first-fruits" of salvation. This entire truth will be made
more clear in Chapter 6.
Why the Second Adam?
To review: Approximately 4,000 years from Adam, God
sent Jesus Christ
live a perfect life, overcoming Satan,
where the first Adam failed, to replace Satan
as RULER on the throne of the whole earth. Those who, as
Jesus did, overcome Satan, their own selves and sin (the
"called," that is), will sit
with Christ
in his throne
he comes to set up THE KINGDOM OF GoD and to restore
the GOVERNMENT OF GOD, which the former Lucifer
rejected and ceased to administer!