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The Mystery of Man
Christianity has been deceived. Here is a most
important truth: Satan sitting on earth's throne tried to
kill the Christ child. He then tried to tempt and
disqualify Jesus just before the Christ started his
earthly ministry (Matt. 4). Satan caused the martyrdom
of most of the apostles. He caused intensive persecution
against the Church. He caused a violent controversy to
flare up in the early months and years of the Church
disputing whether the gospel to be proclaimed was the
Christ, or man's gospel
Christ. Satan
caused the latter to win out, and in less than 20 years a
false and counterfeit gospel
Christ was being
proclaimed by all but the persecuted
who loyally
remained as the small and persecuted true original
Church of God.
Is Now the Only Day of Salvation?
These deceived "Christians" taught, and still teach, that
now is the
day of salvation, and that their
counterfeit salvation of just "accepting" Jesus Christ,
without the repentance of turning from sin and the
obeying of God's law, would send people as "immortal
souls" immediately to heaven upon death.
Satan has blinded the minds of those of
"traditional Christianity" to the fact that God closed off
the tree of life until the glorified Jesus Christ comes in
supreme power and glory to restore the government of
God over the whole earth.
was decreed, I repeat, that
it was appointed to humans once to die, and after death
is to come the resurrection to judgment (Heb. 9:27).
Meanwhile the world of Adam is not being judged,
though in the final judgment all shall be held to account
for their sins.
But, meanwhile, God has made certain exceptions
for a definite purpose. God raised up prophets for the