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The Mystery of Man
of God the Father, and also of Jesus being God, they
came up with the false theory of the Holy Spirit being
a "Ghost," or third Person of a Trinity, thus blas–
pheming the Holy Spirit and
God and doing
away with all knowledge that converted humans can
become members of the very divine God
Satan blinded "Christianity" from the truth and
purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
They have overlooked a most important truth:
the resurrection from the dead.
They celebrate a pagan Easter acknowledging the
resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. But they
overlook entirely the plain biblical teaching that all who
ever lived are
be resurrected from the dead, although
in the time order of three distinctly different res–
urrections. The only hope the Holy Bible gives for the
vast humanity of this dying world is the hope of a res–
urrection from the dead, but that is a positively sure
hope. All this will be completely covered and the full
scriptures given in the chapters to follow.
What a tragedy that, as plainly stated in Revelation
12:9, this whole world has been deceived and blinded
from the truth by Satan the devil, still sitting on the
throne of the entire earth.
The real truth is startling, but you will find it
plainly revealed in your own Bible. Follow it as you
carefully read this book.
Consider! When God drove Adam and Eve out from
the Garden of Eden, He set angels to bar mankind from
reentering. Suppose the Eternal had left the gate into
Eden open. Man had already taken of the forbidden
tree. Man had already turned to sin. What would have
happened? Probably the whole of sinning mankind
would have surged back in to take of that tree of
Without any repentance-without even
in God or